Dinner – and Fulani tradition

I got an opportunity, with Marjo Räsänen and Rea-Liina Brunou, to get acquainted with the Fulani culture as Villa Karo’s night watchman Boubè Amadou – originally coming from the Northern Benin – invited us for dinner at his home.

Fulani’s, Fula’s or Fula people are the largest of the West African pastoralist peoples. They are spread over many countries, predominantly in Western Africa, but also in Central Africa and even Sudan. Only in Guinea-Bissau they form majority of the national population. Fula’s commonly herd cattle, but also sheep, as the family of Boubè does.

Earlier in this same blog Wiktoriina has written about her experiences of milking the Fulani cows.


First scholarship holders have arrived!

The first scholarship holders of the semester dancer Rea-Liina Brunou and docent of art pedagogy, Marjo Räsänen arrived to Villa Karo in the beginning of September.

Villa Karo Week of Maintenance

Fo Edoh

Villa Karo is preparing for the autumn semester to begin. This week has been a week of maintenance and everybody is busy preparing the house for the scholarship holders who will begin to settle in the house from next week on, as Kwassi has written already.

Eugene and Gaitan

The see is wild and the air is windy. The coolest time of the year, say the locals. Even if the air sweetly touches the human skin and deliberately winds the dogs fur, the touch is rough for the dead souls of the house. The wooden doors, the book selves, the pieces of art, the furniture — they all need someone to assist them in their encounter with the salty air. Constant work is being done by the Villa Karo staff during the year tackling the forces of nature and it all seems to culminate in this week. It’s time for waxing, washing, rubbing, polishing, cleaning and airing.

This is also a good time to arrive at Grand-Popo and to begin one’s share in writing this blog. I am the internship trainee of Villa Karo during this autumn and will be reporting on the happenings in Villa Karo during my stay here to keep the readers updated on what is going on at this corner of the world, still so unfamiliar to me.